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Had a pretty productive weekend. I had a huge rush of inspiration around Friday, so I finally managed to write an outline of the plot I’m working on (for the HP role-playing site I mentioned earlier – check my first post of this blog).  The greatest problem me and my fellow admin faced when coming up with this plot was that it really needed to be different from the stuff we had done before.  To be honest, everything we’ve come up with for the past three years or so was all part of one huge, over-arching story. Since we wrapped that up this summer (leaving only a few elements to continue on), starting up something new is proving to be quite a challenge.

We came up with various scenarios, but nothing really seemed to ‘spark’; if you’re a writer, you’ll know what I mean – that feeling you get when you come up with this one thing that makes all the separate pieces of the plot-puzzle come together. In this case, the answer lay with a good villain: someone far more illusive that what we’ve done before, while at the same time omipresent through his actions.

But wait! There was more than just the plot this weekend. I’m about halfway through ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ by Joseph Campbell – a fascinating book about mythology and storytelling that every writer should give a try. I’ve also finally fixed my keyboard (not the kind I’m typing this post on but the musical instrument-kind) and started playing it again – an old hobby that I recently picked up again a while ago only to have my trusty old keyboard die on me. But most importantly of all, a company has finally responded to one of my applications! Going over there on Tuesday and, hopefully, I’ll have a much busier week.

Finally, I have something to read for fans of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ series (and others who are interested). For those who don’t know, the Zelda videogames from Nintendo is one of THE best and most popular series of games on the planet. Naturally, there’s a huge fandom for it, which also consist of the more analytic kind of people. It’s a long read, but check out these two articles by Hylian Dan and prepare to be amazed. If you only have time for one, check out the second (Immortal Childhood).



While some people may scoff at the amount of geekiness necessary to come up with these editorials, I think it’s brilliantly written and a great way to expose some of the themes throughout the Zelda series – a better way to understand why so many people connect so strongly with the stories presented in them. These two articles ( ‘Immortal Childhood’ in particular) left a very strong impression upon me when I first read them a few months back and I can honestly say they changed my life.

Don’t believe me? Read them both to the end yourself. And with that ~

Until next time,

Celestis Ruthwen


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No idea what to put for a title for a first blog-post, so why not some internet humour?

Anyway – welcome to my humble blog!

I honestly have no idea how long I will keep this up – while I’ve never actually had a blog before, my attempts at keeping a diary were… well, rather pitiful. Still, I intend to update this thing at least a few times every week. And I hear you wondering – what will I write?

Could be anything, really. However, it won’t just be boring bits from my day. I might review a couple anime’s once in a while (of which I’ve watched quite a few by now) and same goes for books, movies and games. While some of them might not be the most recent, I like to think I present a pretty refined view and writing style. I might also delve into my recent attempts at ‘sophistication’ (i.e. reading some great stuff of world literature),  my general quest for greater confidence and more rewarding lifestyle and my thoughts on the more darker side of life, particularly depression and suicide – a less pleasant chapter of my life which I seem to have finally left behind me. Which I hope can help relieve others suffering like I did at the time.

Finally, I might use this blog to post some of my continuing stories involving my role-play characters from a Harry Potter role-playing community that I’ve participated in for about 4 years now. While this may sound a bit too geeky to some, the stories and lives of the characters have become a world of their own, with intricate plots and events and an often dark atmosphere that transcend J.K. Rowling’s series. While the community has grown less active lately, I still intend to continue one of these site-wide plots, which you might get a glimpse of in the stories I’ll put up here.

So, long story short, I guess you can expect quite a bit from this blog.

Until next time,

Celestis Ruthwen

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